Gold Bullion Ingots

The new dedicated pure 999. Gold Bullion Ingot investment range

Each ingot has it’s own unique internationally recognised London ASSAY Hallmark.

Single Gold Bullion Ingot

Single Gold Bullion Ingot weighing 56 grams with a 1 Carat GI certificate diamond with an investment price of £9,997.00.

Set of 5 Gold Bullion Ingots

Set of 5 Gold Bullion Ingots weighing approximately 200 grams with 3 Carats GI certificate diamonds (ranging from 1ct. to 0.8 0.6 0.4 0.2 as Gold Bullion Ingot decreases in size) can be yours for an investment price of £29,997.00.

Increasingly, shrewd savers and high earners are looking to invest in products that can be resold for a good return. Purchasing an item from our Gold bullion Ingot range allows wealth to be preserved in a tangible way. Being a piece of jewellery your investment can be carried quite easily in the form of a pendant.

Our Gold Bullion Ingot range is an internationally recognised commodity with real instantaneous monetary value.

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