Gold Falcon Sculpture

€9,200.00 Exc. VAT

Product Description

This exquisite sculpture is created from a patented system we call “Exploded Bronze”. It is this effect that gives it’s unique “nugget like appearance” which in turn is plated with luxurious 24k gold of between 5 and 10 microns.

The artist feels that motion is more important than detail, and constantly researches motion. With his custom exploded bronze media, the two blend harmoniously, creating unique pieces. He calls his style contemporary surrealism, the opposite of the classical and what currently exists.

Our uniquely talented and creative artist and designer can if required incorporate semi-precious stones like quartz to this fabulous and unique piece.

All these fine and exclusive pieces of art sculptures will arrive with a certificate of authenticity, and are personally signed by the artist. All works copyright.


Width: 30cm
Height: 70cm